Michele's Judaic art is spiritual in the truest sense of the word. She presents the viewer with a dramatic mix of color, expressive brushwork and evocative content. Often inspired by her inner search for spiritual appreciation, these works are meant to be shared.

Goren often draws from traditional religious themes as artists have done throughout history. The subject, content and desire to communicate to her audience is a prime motivating factor in creating works that are spiritual and meant to reach deeply. For inquiries please contact Michele at (954) 573-7885.
Michele Goren has always been fascinated by the Hamsa. For years she has wanted to do a series and didn't exercise that desire until recently. (2012)

The Hamsa is symbolic in many cultures and faiths, as well as around the world, for being a protective and good luck sign. It is thought to bring it's owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. It also is believed to offer hope, peace and prosperity. If it has an eye in the center, it is also believed to be a powerful talisman, warding off and counteracting any type of evil, misfortune or danger. Hamsas are collected all over the world and Michele hopes you will find a special one just right for you or your loved ones. There will be five series of ten images. Welcome to series Number One.
Native American Series
Michele captures the pride and beauty that exists within the Native American culture. She visited many cultural events and learned some of the tradition and meanings of the lifestyle to create these beautiful and spiritual paintings. Most are done in watercolor, gouache and colored pencil. Prints and originals available (please contact Michele at (954) 573-7885).
Michele is well known nationally for capturing the most inner soul and essence of the subjects that she paints, be it people or pets. She brings to life the colors of their happiest emotions. References available upon request. Contact Michele for pricing on custom art.
Spots Dots and Butterflies
Contact Michele for pricing on custom art.
Chatham Gem Collection
A sixteen year old dream that would give Goren the freedom to use her experience in the Jewelry business came true when she met with Tom and Dianna Chatham of Chatham Gems in San Francisco. Each painting is beautifully embellished with the Chatham gemstones, from emeralds to rubies of all sizes and weights. Michele's true passion for painting and fascination of gemstones collide into one magnificent piece of art, time afer time, and again. Prints and originals available (please contact Michele at (954) 573-7885).

Only Chatham Original paintings are embellished with gemstones. No prints are embellished with gemstones and will be shipped without gemstone embellishing, unless a custom order for such is placed with Michele's Fine Art. Contact Michele for details.
Contemporary Artwork
This is a collection of artwork that exemplifies Michele's ability to capture life in it's purest form, ever changing, different moods, sights, scenes, and emotions. Here, Michele shows her diversification in talent, skill, creativity and color. Prints and originals available (please contact Michele at (954) 573-7885).
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